Sorrel - delicious lemon flavor, often used in soups

Snow Pea Tendrils - tender growth before it fruits, but with same sweet flavor

Romaine - mix of red and green baby romaine lettuces

Kale - wonderful mild flavor, great fresh or cooked

Japanese Spinach - similar in flavor as traditional spinach and grows year-round

Dandelion - popular in Italian cuisine, extremely nutritious

Asian Greens - dynamic baby greens mix for a salad or lightly sauteed

Chard - beautiful color, can be prepared as you would spinach

Bok Choy - Asian vegetable with mild flavor, great in stir fry

Arugula - Italian green, wonderful spicy and nutty flavor

Spring Mix - Beautiful blend of lettuce and baby greens for salad

Arkansas Natural Produce

Spinach - mild flavor, great sauteed or fresh in salad

Watercress - wonderful spicy green

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